Have I Told You Lately . . . | KeyBright Window Cleaning | Seth White

Have I Told You Lately . . .

Sometimes, when I stop to connect with someone who just makes everyone around them feel good, I get that Golden Girls theme song stuck in my head.  You know that part about "if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew . . . "?  Well, I can't say for sure that the biggest gift would be from me, but I do want to say "thank you for being a friend." 

 This post is the preface to what will become a monthly series of shameless, though hopefully entertaining, promotional pieces (the first dispatch is coming in just a few minutes!) for the official launch of KeyBright Window Cleaning and the 2014 window cleaning season.  Whether you know it or not, your support has guided me to this exciting point, and you deserve my gratitude (and much more)!